Hello & thanks for giving my summerSHINES blog a click 🙂

My name is Imani Summer, & I’m a writer and speaker who has a great deal to say about all things MENTAL HEALTH/ CHILD ABUSE/ PTSD. If there was a punctuation mark to describe my personality it would be this one…….

I am a CAPITAL LETTER kind of impactive blogger, because I believe mental health and abuse are two topics well worthy of shouting in loud voices about.

I also am a big fan of the semi-colon ; because I have a lot to say and don’t like to pause for breath much. Far too busy!


I like to stimulate thought and conversation here and talk about sensitive and difficult things, disregarding the usual shame and stigma (with a bit of added humour and lightness because let’s face it, mental illness is shit, so my defence is to laugh at it as much as I can). [shoot me for employing Freudian defence mechanisms.]

If you are not comfortable with bluntly written and potentially hard-to-read blogussion posts on topics such as CHILDHOOD ABUSE, SEXUAL ABUSE/RAPE/ASSAULT, TRAUMA, PAINFUL EMOTIONS, CHILDHOOD MEMORIES, THERAPY, SELF-HARM OR SUICIDAL IDEATION, the chances are we probs won’t get on.

I write on summerSHINES with #NO FILTER, and often get feedback from followers that I make people cry when they read a post 😱…I am storing that away as a compliment though 😛 because personally I think good writing should move people emotionally. I hope when you’ve read a summerSHINES post, you’ll know you’ve read it because you’ll have felt it.

giving you a minute to process that last sentence

Here is a link to my Facebook if you’re not on WordPress and want to follow me the non-Wordpress way…  https://www.facebook.com/summerbloggershine/

Or you can follow by email, obvs. [This is the 21st century.] There is a button on the toolbar.

I am registered on the UK national Mind media volunteer database for radio interviews, TV interviews and written articles as I want to share my mental health/ PTSD survivor story as widely as possible and also do my bit to destigmatise open sharing about the stuff people usually like to sweep under the proverbial carpet.

I recently openly admitted I tried to drown myself on the ITV news. I hope that qualifies me as someone who walks their walk as well as talking their anti-stigma talk.

I’m also volunteering to help support my local Mind (Tyneside and Northumberland), by assisting with fundraising, and have two running events coming up and a hike. Email me for deeds on my boot the blues events 😊

If you want to know about my fundraising, media work, doodling, or writing, you can email me @  summerstartstoshine@yahoo.com or contact media@mind.org.uk. And you can donate by searching for Imani Starts to Shine on http://www.justgiving.com

Now on with the ABOUT ME page…

In a job interview or training course situation; basically anywhere where you are meeting a group of strangers for the first time; inevitably at some point you’ll hear the infamous words uttered by the facilitator, “I think now would be a excellent time to go round the circle and tell people a little bit about yourself.” 


This will invariably be followed by a collective audible intake of breath… but as the group of humanoids begin to visibly squirm in their seats and slink deep into their chairs, that my blogger friends is actually when I come A.L.I.V.E.

These days I’m always the first to put my hand up and be counted, though I haven’t always been this way. I used to be the shyest and least confident/most shaky leaf person out there. Seriously.

Dictionary definition of downtrodden = summerSHINES.

NOT ANY MORE though…as that was before Summer started to Shine.

SummerSHINES is basically a post-trauma blog, written by someone who suffered extreme childhood abuse; went on to have a full-on psychological suicidal breakdown lasting several years, nearly died; but is now well into the re-build mission of post-traumatic me 🙂

Nowadays I’m a confident person who feels they have nothing to hide; and not only that, a lot of creative awesomeness to shine out there to the virtual globe 🙂

Q- So, how did this rise in fortune happen summer?

[I am known to conduct imaginary interviews with myself on about me pages] 😲 

A- I read a lot to boost my knowledge base and insight, I sought out a online community of life-enriching (rather than draining energy-vampire friends), and also had tons of psychological therapy free on the delightful NHS. I’m still having therapy which is awesome for keeping me well and providing an hour of sane amongst the chaos of general living with my bonkers slash chronic MH conditions.

I’m a sensitive, but highly determined, ambitious, and driven person. My strong hunger to succeed and overcome adversity is probably the key strength that allowed me to get through all this. [That and TKmaxx homewear section purchases and Krispy Kreme doughnuts]

With post-traumatic shining, it really doesn’t matter where you started; it’s where you’re headed that counts. 

Shining after trauma or adversity isn’t a mystical gift that falls in our lap. It demands hard work and a lot of sustained effort-you HAVE TO SWEAT TO SHINE.

This is my blog playground where I SHOWCASE MY SHINE, let all my creativity out and splash out the contents of my kooky mind for all to read. 

I write flippantly, stream-of-consciousness style, with very little self-editing so if you see mistakes, please gloss over and ignore. I’m concentrating on my art here. I don’t obsess over where a comma should be, because a. ‘I’m not at school now’ and b. ‘it interrupts the flow of my writing.’

I also don’t leave that much out in terms of content. I don’t believe in self-censorship and believe mental illness should be shared in a raw way, pretty much as it is, without embellishment or needless sweeping of unmentionables under metaphorical carpets. Everything here is the exact unfiltered truth as I see it. I type fast and think faster. I am spontaneous and sparkly.


As well as writing and poetry, I make mental health awareness boosting videos, do the occasional vlog [all unedited, just me speaking to a webcam], and my absolute favourite blog activity is drawing blog scribbles in sharpie [other pens are available :P]. 

You’ll notice when you see these doodle posts that I very obviously CAN NOT DRAW [LOL]… but I like the challenge of engaging different parts of my brain to express my ideas of what mental illness feels like using visuals. I feel this can sometimes express difficult concepts in a more immediately accessible way. Children will probably like them too, except for the swearing, (or maybe will LOVE them for the swearing.) 

NOTE. I like swearing. I try not to do it, but it’s so much fun sigh

I try and make my sharpie doodle posts (and my posts in general) slightly funny…not than mental illness actually is funny…but you have to laugh at your symptoms sometimes as an emotional release to ward off impending emotional doom.

I often call myself things such as BONKERS and ‘HIGH ON THE SCALE OF FUCKEDUPNESS’-but no offense or stigma to anyone else is ever intended. I also describe myself as ‘broken’ and ‘damaged’, which seems to get some people’s backs up, but I call a spade a spade and say what I see.

I am psychologically fucked up, and don’t kid myself otherwise.

There is NOTHING wrong with bonkers”

said me, when drunk.

I bare my soul and emotions on summerSHINES in a very blunt and real way, but hopefully not in a way that makes you either cry or run away screaming.

I write in a style that is very much ‘say what I mean & mean what I say’, and I don’t avoid societal elephants in rooms. I’ll say it straight and type straight from my heart.

I have a desire to inform and influence. Sometimes I’ll say things you may find shocking, controversial, or surprising, but I believe society needs to be shaken up on certain topics.

I sometimes put trigger warnings on posts to alert you to sensitive content that may distress, but primarily my focus is on positive writing which is inspirational and thought provoking to read.

Luckily I am TONS better now and really well on in my journey to wellness, but I also cannot completely forget the depths I sunk to in life and where I’ve been, so I write about the very dark stuff too. Sometimes I have really bad days, suicidal despairing ones……

I believe post-traumatic shining is about championing full authenticity and having the courage to share EVERYTHING – all the vulnerable, usually hidden aspects of yourself, without caring too much what people think. I am super sensitive though due to my MH condition, so please don’t be too brutal in the comments. I’m a blogger well acquainted with strong feelings. 

So here is my more official personal intro… [imagine dry ice blowing across the screen for added atmosphere]

THE BASICS. I’m a 35 year old mum of two. I’m married. [No sex please, I’m British] she sniggers 😉 I live on the beautiful North-East British coast and can often be found sashaying along sandy beaches or country lanes with my two dogs in tow (the thick one and the ugly one). My husband works away quite a bit so I can get lonely sometimes and therefore throw myself into blogging and other creative activities to fill up the emotional emptiness of those absences.

VITAL STATS. I am ‘unusually tall’ which makes me feel at home conversing with tall men at eye level. I weigh 10 kg more than before I had two kids and developed a penchant for blogging with a mug of coffee and a [MUCH larger than it should be] slab of chocolate. It’s my blogging ritual. sigh  I have a 34′ inside leg [totes proud, but getting long enough trousers remains a struggle] shakes head. Getting into running is hugely helping with the body image side of things 🙂 I ran every day in January (R.E.D January) to support my mental health charity of choice, Mind. You can find my story which they shared on their blog here….MY PTSD RUNNING CHALLENGE STORY

EDUCATION. I have not one, but two psychology degrees. I absolutely LOVE people and find you all endlessly fascinating. I can’t definitively read your mind but I’ll give it a damn good go using my natural intuitive spiritually-attuned amazingness. I am also a pretty expert ‘lifeologist’ [which is a word I literally just made up and I think means someone who is life savvy and wise]…I think I have a pretty intelligent grasp and understanding of the big wide world blinks

PERSONALITY. I’m such a INTENSE person that I may as well have my own mood swing in the front garden. ;)…Everything I feel is felt with considerable force, and my moods are mercurial [Totes BONKERZOID].

PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT. I stayed alive when I wanted to die. Enough said.

This was a vlog I did on recovery-my mental health selfie for Mind. I did this on a crappy negative day as a way to get through it. It is without a doubt the most useful thing I’ve ever done, as I know from the feedback that it has already helped give a recovery boost to TONS of people. That makes my heart smile 🙂

GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS. I began running in January to raise money for Mind. I managed couch to 5k, and am now aiming for 10K, then eventually a half marathon. I can’t wait to get over those finish lines. Running is a great way to enhance mental health, self-confidence and resilience, so I sometimes write about all that running jazz too. Prepare yourself to witness occasional post-run salmon pink faced selfies. [There’s nothing worse than a smug jogger-oops] 😉


My main aspiration however is to pursue media work. I believe I was put on this earth to talk in a strong confident voice about issues that most people tend to shy away from. Tis’ my talent innit.

So welcome to my shiny blog claps & cheers


Here is my blog video to give you a flavour of me and the general blog vibe I go for. Amateurish film making is something I dabble in alongside my blog writing; as I love visual imagery, music, aesthetics, and evoking a particular mood in people.

The creation of my blog playground is something to help me make sense of my traumatic childhood- using written expression, creativity, and tapping into my innate positivity and resilience to ensure I fend off the horrible flashbacks and keep my feet firmly grounded in the present.


With love x




I need to acknowledge here the great work my mental health team did in keeping me alive; Without you, there would be no summer who SHINES.

I won’t name you as you know who you are….’Clever psychologist lady’ & ‘Dr Cautious’ especially. You’ve made a hugely positive difference to my life, and helped me to SURVIVE & SHINE when I never believed I would.

(Note- I’m keeping the NHS crisis team well out of my ‘people to thank’ list. And that’s because quite frankly, they’re SHIT!)

This is actually me…..(see below)

Edited in Lumia Selfie

And so is this….

All written posts and doodles on summerSHINES  represent my own hard graft and original ideas, so please don’t copy my work or images without asking permission first. Don’t steal this blogger’s shine! Imani Summer @ www.summerstartstoshine.wordpress.com x










70 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Anne J. says:

    Absolutely fabulous!!! This is amazing! *little Princess Anna squeal-like* Awesome! Super awesome! You are, and this blog! I am so jealous but it’s okay, 🙂 you are Summer and you are shining as you should. I just wish I can have this pretty, too. 🙂 I love the video introduction. Love, love, love! And I’m so happy to meet you here. 🙂 Lemme get on with reading what I had missed so far. Lotsa love and hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

          • Anne J. says:

            It does definitely shine through. 😊 Even the look is calming, the color radiates love and the writing is inspirational and encouraging.
            I think we’re all healing in some ways so don’t rush and don’t be hard on you. I used to say that if everything is perfect then what are we doing here on earth. 😄 It’s a journey and you know those long distance road trips has everything – fun, traffic thru towns, speed bumps, highway patrol, magnificent views, dull parts, etc.
            I’m really loving everything 💞

            Liked by 1 person

            • summerstartstoshine says:

              LOVE LOVE LOVE WHAT YOU SAID 🙂 You are so right. Have you seen my vlog that I just put up, it’s a thank you to all my lush supporters such as you! You make such a difference, we help each other don’t we 🙂 and you are right. Life is a journey, crazy but beautiful. XXX

              Liked by 2 people

              • Anne J. says:

                Hey, that’s what I call me – crazy/beautiful! Not because I’m crazy and beautiful but crazy in a beautiful way. 😄 Did you watch that movie?
                Yes, mutually supporting each other, with lotsa love, too.
                I’ll check out the new post now. I started from the start and only got to 22Sep 😄

                Liked by 1 person

          • Anne J. says:

            It definitely shines through 😊 The overall look is calming, the color radiates love and the writing is inspirational and encouraging. I’m really loving all of it.
            The healing is just like a road trip – with some magnificent views, dull roadsides, traffic through towns, highway patrol, speed bumps, etc. I think we’re all hearing somehow. Don’t rush yourself and don’t be hard on you. ❤️💞

            Liked by 1 person

    • summerstartstoshine says:

      Just realised I never replied to this till now, sorry! *slapped wrist*. I’m so HAPPY you like my blog and it has the uplifting effect I want it to have. I’ve moved on since the design of my first blog! Summer is growing 🙂 Blogging wouldn’t be blogging without you Xx


    • summerstartstoshine says:

      Hey! I realised I never replied to this till now, sorry! Thanks for your well wishes and for following my blog-I like chatting to you. I’m really pleased you liked the blog video. I love video making, it’s really fun to do. Smashing the shit out of life is a great phrase 🙂 Unfuckwithability is another value I strive for! It’s good to have some attitude 🙂 *hugs*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Barney says:

    Summer you are truly a Gem! I love your about page, all the pics and your videos are awesome. (Yup, I watched them to the end!) You said you didn’t like the negative stuff too much and felt like you weren’t shiny. I look at it like you have to dump all that crap every once in awhile, more often if necessary so your shiny will break through! You dump away. We know your shine will return in the morning.
    Shine Beautiful Lady! 🌹 Barney

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Rebel Recovery says:

    This is lovely, hopeful and inspirational. I love the Lana del Rey line, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s ok to shine?” Love the intro to the blog video and will try to view some of the others as well. Shine on, Summer 🙂 Annie.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thewishingwell says:

    Love, love, love this colorful tribute to your journey. I love that you are learning to SHINE 🌟 and your shine comes through! It is amazing what happens when we are honest about our struggles but are creative in spite of it all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • summerstartstoshine says:

      Lovely to meet you *smiles and waves* 😊 I had some dissociative experiences earlier this year, but my alters seem to have disappeared lately and I’m just mainly standard me again. I’m going to a PODS conference next month, can’t wait 😁 Summer ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Liz C. says:

    Hi Summer!

    I REALLY LOVE your About page. It’s so great to see the pictures and videos. I admire you so much!

    Also… I just learned about SRA from this. If you wanted to share awareness, it’s really working. I don’t really know what to say about it. It sounds so awful. Watching you talk about it, I just want to hug you! I know it must be tough, but you are so brave to talk about this to spread the word. More people should know about this.

    My heart is breaking to know about all the experiences people have to go through..

    I’m a Christian, btw. But I’ve had my share of encounters with spirits so I’ve always been uncomfortable with the Halloween season especially knowing about the origins of it. Although, I never heard about real life encounters from cults in this way.

    Thank you so much for sharing from your heart and being such an inspiration.

    Stay strong! Much much love! ❤

    Liz C.

    Liked by 2 people

    • summerstartstoshine says:

      I am away from home today but in the hotel now and reading your comment gave me a beaming smile 😁 I’m absolutely delighted that I am spreading awareness of something that just isn’t discussed. It should be discussed!! In the future I hope to get a documentary made and on telly… that’s an ambitious goal but I think with passion I could get there 😊💪 When new people find me and my blog it gives me an amazing feeling 🙂 Thanks so much 💕 and I look forward to chatting more in future 🙋 Summer

      Liked by 1 person

      • Liz C. says:

        I’m glad to make you smile. 😀 We all need those smiles. Haha!

        I love the idea! It would be great to have a documentary. And with your determination and passion, I’ll just be waiting for the release date ’cause I’m SURE it will happen.

        Even if it won’t be on mainstream media for now, you can maybe do a video with a friend (if you know someone good at videography) and post it on YouTube. We’ll be here to help you promote it. With technology today, a lot of things are possible!

        Since you mentioned you are in a hotel, I’m assuming you are in some sort of vacation. In that case, do enjoy your trip!

        Much love! ❤

        Liz C.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Iris Orpi says:

    You are awesome! It adds an extra dimension to your dog poem to find out you’re a Mom. Wow. Carry on, Mom boss! I can’t wait to read more.

    I think we are meant to meet too! After all the crap 2016 has thrown at us, I like to bring being blessed down to earth a little and am just grateful to encounter genuine and unapologetic souls.

    Hey if you feel like being FB connected, my name is Iris Price on there. My profile pic is myself, hubby and a toddler wearing Chicago Cubs gear. (No obligation though! Haha.)

    Liked by 1 person

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