This is a post about my diagnosed personality disorder and me. Often people are criticised for their own self-diagnosis of supposed mental health conditions. Society argues that people will sometimes say they have self-diagnosed depression (to excuse them from being a miserable cow), or anxiety (when they want to avoid doing something), like when people … Continue reading PD? NO, JUST ME



Finally, I can breathe. The house sighs with relief, just as I do. There is quiet. There is calm. There is me, just me, and the keys. There are notebooks and neat piles of paper in organised rows that prove my recent productiveness. Finally I can come up for air, and tell you what life … Continue reading HUMAN AFTERALL


I always write stream of consciousness style, I write as I think; but tonight's post will be even more streamy and consciousy as I don't have the intellectual capacity to mentally plan anything. As for what is the point of this post, who knows?!...I don't, but there doesn't always have to be a point I … Continue reading SPLURGING


Inevitably, every time a kid's school holiday toots it's noisy red letter arrival on the calendar, I will write a post such as this....a post about the sheer sensory HELL of school holidays, and the disruption of routine created by the interruption of usual functioning and the addition of extra activity/extra stimulation and extra mental/emotional … Continue reading SHRINKWRAPPED TILL SCHOOL


I got spooked. I made my blog private. Two days of wanting to be unseen and unexposed. It isn't often I get nervous about blogging. But honest blogging about my subjective experience of mental illness is like the discomfort of therapy, amplified. In the therapy room chair I want to literally melt into the furniture. … Continue reading SPOOKED


Confessions of a stardusted woman...... This came up on my Facebook feed today...... I read it, and I thought....is this true? I think stardusted women, however irrepressible, can sometimes be stopped....we are all after all imperfect human beings capable of crumpling and falling to the floor in defeat, (sometimes many times), but a star dusted … Continue reading STARDUSTED CONFESSION


Who knows what invalidation means? This isn't a SAT test. I am just not sure how aware people are of the term invalidation and what implication it has in relationships and potential conflict scenarios. The dictionary definition of invalidation is this- to nullify, negate, annul, abrogate- to invalidate means to deprive of effective or continued existence. … Continue reading SOUL BE YOUR PILOT