I suppose I should blog then. I guess I've been avoiding it. I've been very active on social media lately and very occupied with all that jazz, so every day, my blog writing has come last on my list, tucked away as less important- for later, for when I'm fresh, but the trouble is. I … Continue reading SUMMER’S HOUSE



I got spooked. I made my blog private. Two days of wanting to be unseen and unexposed. It isn't often I get nervous about blogging. But honest blogging about my subjective experience of mental illness is like the discomfort of therapy, amplified. In the therapy room chair I want to literally melt into the furniture. … Continue reading SPOOKED


My creative inspiration (blogging-wise has dried up). Creativity is not a predictable resource. While some manage to max out creativity and produce creative output prolifically, almost as one of their personality traits, sometimes the well just dries up, the brain cells cease to fire, and the¬†creativity shrivels like a air dried prune [with extra wrinkles]. … Continue reading GOODBYE TO ALL, ESP. YOU x


This is my chance to big up my readers, yes YOU -the people who read Summer Starts to Shine. I am dead proud to have¬†just nudged over the 800 follower mark. blinks¬†I find¬†this hard to believe actually.¬†Next month I will be celebrating my first blog birthday¬†of shine, and I can hardly believe it! The time … Continue reading THANK YOU!


Apprehension is something we all feel from time to time and is completely natural and human. Usually though we are only apprehensive about stuff that really matters to us. Things that we're not bothered about we don't tend to¬†feel apprehension about. Instead we feel the murkiness and greyness of nothing; indifference basically. Nothing that is … Continue reading LIVING, WRITING, FEARING ¬†¬†


Message from a friend sent just now... "I wish for you to see yourself thru my eyes, so you can see you¬†are beautiful and your energy brilliant." After thanking her and feeling touched and uplifted and boosted, I replied¬†that I'd blog about this, inspired by what¬†she said." Which eyes do YOU see yourself through? Which … Continue reading EYES ON ME


BACKFLIPS are the thing of talent show dance troopes....the visual motions that make the crowd get excited. When applied to mental health recovery, backflips are what I like to call what other people term 'relapse episodes', to make them seem a little less shit than mental health relapse episodes really are. It should come as … Continue reading BACKFLIP


Today is a part-sharpie/part-prose post. Today is therapy day, which means I [very predictably] have a thumping headache and feel absolutely drained. Today was really hard, really really hard, and really really emotional and really really intense. There are not enough 'reallys' to do it justice. The only true achievement of the day that I … Continue reading THERAPY BONKERS