Am I mad? And what is madness anyway? How do you define yourself? Do you fit into the category of 'mad'? What does madness mean to you? Does that determine whether or not you are mad? 'Mad' is a word that is has strong connotations and will be interpreted in differing ways dependent on who you are, how … Continue reading WHAT IS MAD & AM I IT?


UNICORN sparkle *

I'm high. I'm low. I'm fast. I'm slow. I soar, then I'm grounded and stuck fast. Free as a bird, until the cage door clinks shut. Sociable butterfly meets reclusive hermit. Introvert who can extrovert like the best of them on red letter occasions. Sure, I'll help support you..... wait, this is TOO much. Hope evaporates. Storm clouds … Continue reading UNICORN sparkle *