GUEST POST- Stranger Danger *tw

Another guest post very kindly contributed by a writer and mum. For the back story to this piece...please see her guest post titled One Child Too Many. To provide some context, this was written in the immediate aftermath of the UK premier league footballers who bravely came forward, losing their anonymity, to discuss how they had … Continue reading GUEST POST- Stranger Danger *tw


GUEST POST- One child too many

Trigger warning** This wonderful post is a frankly written and very emotionally powerful first person testimony written by a very brave lady, detailing her reactions following her daughter's disclosure of sexual abuse at the hands of her husband. This is a topic very close to my heart and I thank and applaud the writer here … Continue reading GUEST POST- One child too many


Tidying the house you came into my mind Pathways well trodden, easy to find Christmas is coming, celebrations near I'm a mum now myself but still knotted with pain & fear Mum, I felt it just now. I felt you there Thinking of me, but not with good cheer What do you feel on this … Continue reading TO MUM x


  If depression were a choice, I wouldn't be up at 5.21am posting due to depression-related insomnia. If depression were a choice, when I'd have first tasted depression at the age of sixteen I'd have realised "depression wasn't for me", and I would have refused to accept this unwanted, numbing and hellish intrusion into my life any more. If … Continue reading #IF DEPRESSION WERE A CHOICE