What if it's forever? What if my prediction is clever? What if healing is mainly never? Never f*****g ever Once upon a time Girl dreamed that she'd be fine Is our best healer really 'time'? Weary from this slow and painful climb Start another verse Body lays cold in hearse Blood once warm now cold … Continue reading POEM- CORKSCREW *tw



I'm struck by a feeling that lately has been rare. Inspiration. I am usually a fairly inspirey person, but for medication-and seasonal related reasons, that well ran dry. I even recently considered stopping blogging ( A>G>A>I>N ). But tonight I felt warmed by the fire of inspiration. It came to me via the clouds and … Continue reading THE SKY SPOKE


Anniversary is a word that can have positive or negative connotations when we hear it, dependent on how anniversaries generally are experienced for you, with your personal/life history and how anniversaries have worked out.  Anniversaries (of the marital kind) can be joyful affairs  (if it's your first one and you're still enthusiastic about the state … Continue reading (HAPPY?) ANNIVERSARY


Life is currently uncomfortable. It always is, to some degree, at least some of the time. Sometimes it is really uncomfortable all of the time, and other times it is mildly uncomfortable, bits of the time. Happiness is nothing else but a temporary escape from the discomfort of life and living. Suicide is something contemplated by … Continue reading LOTS OF LEMONS


I hear the hum of the aircraft, still ringing in my ears, The roar of the car barely hides the rumble of my fears. Back home now to safety. Duvet pulled up, I'm smothered, My silent melancholy, proved not so thoroughly covered.   Couldn't hide my sad today; my worried or my mad, Travelling an … Continue reading POST-TRAVEL HUM


Melancholic morning, stay inside your bed, The world hurts- sink your head in a pillow instead. Lavender scented Francais-themed sad, Wrote a post last night that confirmed my bad. Bad girl missing ma famille,  Longing for them, plain as can be. Heavy plenty floaty plenty,  Torn out heart bleeds out till it is dry and … Continue reading MELANCHOLIC


Perhaps you are reading this blog because you are familiar with/ have personal experience of mental health problems of some description. You may well not have a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis though. Regardless of whether you have PTSD or not, if you follow a PTSD blog you will read the word "trigger" in PTSD blogs a great deal. … Continue reading T.R.I.G.G.E.R.E.D