*TW- brief mention of mental health crisis and self-injury.   I'm staring, eyes half focused at a notebook crammed of inspirational quotes. (A lush find from one of my top stationary shops, Paperchase). 'Never stop dreaming' is the title. The key design feature on the cover is the depiction of a neon flamingo. Any regular … Continue reading FLAMINGO IN NEON *tw



Who knows what invalidation means? This isn't a SAT test. I am just not sure how aware people are of the term invalidation and what implication it has in relationships and potential conflict scenarios. The dictionary definition of invalidation is this- to nullify, negate, annul, abrogate- to invalidate means to deprive of effective or continued existence. … Continue reading SOUL BE YOUR PILOT


Has anyone seen real life? I think I must have mislaid it down the back of the sofa or something, because I can't for the life of me locate real life. Real life has become unreal chaos. I am busy. Not at all centred. Floaty. Overwhelmed. Confused. I haven't been normal since Wednesday, or maybe, if … Continue reading REAL LIFE?


Apprehension is something we all feel from time to time and is completely natural and human. Usually though we are only apprehensive about stuff that really matters to us. Things that we're not bothered about we don't tend to feel apprehension about. Instead we feel the murkiness and greyness of nothing; indifference basically. Nothing that is … Continue reading LIVING, WRITING, FEARING   


Message from a friend sent just now... "I wish for you to see yourself thru my eyes, so you can see you are beautiful and your energy brilliant." After thanking her and feeling touched and uplifted and boosted, I replied that I'd blog about this, inspired by what she said." Which eyes do YOU see yourself through? Which … Continue reading EYES ON ME


I smashed it today on my 10k mental health charity run for Tyneside and Northumberland Mind 🙌 A new personal best of 1 hr and 3 minutes! I pushed myself to my absolute physical limits and I couldn't be prouder! 💛💛💛 Will write more tomorrow...need a snooze now!! 😪 Will leave you with some doodles … Continue reading SMASH


I can't stop writing this holiday so far. It's bonkers! I think this is post number three so far today hides face. Hopefully my readers are not too sick of me.  I'm FULL up of stuffness that needs it's wordy release. Going on holiday is intense (says the blogger who finds EVERYTHING intense).   I … Continue reading HIRE A SWING


Hello! I finally get to do my write-up of yesterday. WOWZER. I'm absolutely thrilled at my virgin experience of being interviewed for the telly. It went like an absolute dream and I'm still feeling super shiny and luminescent this morning....basking in 'dreams coming true-ness'. I'm trying to blog authentically here without caring how I sound, despite the fact there's … Continue reading WARM GLOW GUSHING