Just some stream of consciousness doodles after an absolutely S**T day.... summerSHINES


SHARPIE Wednesday

I haven't done sharpie Sunday for ages, so this is sharpie Wednesday :P....a quickie doodle before I sleep....  SummerSHINES  Night lovelies X


Here is my sharpie doodle for mothers day...but this is for the people who don't have a mum in their life this mothers day-peeps just like me xxx Mother's day is not usually a fun day when you have complex-PTSD caused by extended and varied trauma-usually of the incest variety...but this is the happiest and … Continue reading MUM-less


This is a simple idea I came up with to prompt blog post writing. Simply write alternate sentences about the things that are niggling in your mind causing you grief...things that you tell yourself you should or shouldn't be are mine....hopefully you'll try your own xxx I should drink more water I shouldn't obsess … Continue reading #SHOULD/NOT


Omfg. I'm sorry about the drawing you will shortly be seeing...this is what happened when I attempted a realistic self portrait 😶 LOL 😂 I've had a lazy Sunday....this is the view from my sunny bedroom this morning... This is the beach view... And this is the wallpaper my daughter is getting put up in … Continue reading PORTRAIT MASTERCLASS


A busy but productive day.... Here are a couple of moodle doodles I did to help me cope with my slightly stressy mood tonight. SummerSHINES