Finally, I can breathe. The house sighs with relief, just as I do. There is quiet. There is calm. There is me, just me, and the keys. There are notebooks and neat piles of paper in organised rows that prove my recent productiveness. Finally I can come up for air, and tell you what life … Continue reading HUMAN AFTERALL



This is a blog, in the style of how I know I need to speak to myself in order to feel better. Inner talk can be useful and stimulate positive progress, or it can be the spade that we use to dig ourselves deeper into our melancholic moods. This is what my positive self talk … Continue reading STRENGTHENING


Oh my f*****g god. I literally can't believe the mood swings I've had, and all within the last few hours.....I have only recently stopped crying and that's only because I had to get my act together enough to collect my latest prescription. I'm an emotional WRECK today, and it isn't only due to the monster … Continue reading WHY I’M GLAD I RODE OUT [ANOTHER] CRISIS


Has anyone seen real life? I think I must have mislaid it down the back of the sofa or something, because I can't for the life of me locate real life. Real life has become unreal chaos. I am busy. Not at all centred. Floaty. Overwhelmed. Confused. I haven't been normal since Wednesday, or maybe, if … Continue reading REAL LIFE?


Apprehension is something we all feel from time to time and is completely natural and human. Usually though we are only apprehensive about stuff that really matters to us. Things that we're not bothered about we don't tend to feel apprehension about. Instead we feel the murkiness and greyness of nothing; indifference basically. Nothing that is … Continue reading LIVING, WRITING, FEARING   


I smashed it today on my 10k mental health charity run for Tyneside and Northumberland Mind 🙌 A new personal best of 1 hr and 3 minutes! I pushed myself to my absolute physical limits and I couldn't be prouder! 💛💛💛 Will write more tomorrow...need a snooze now!! 😪 Will leave you with some doodles … Continue reading SMASH


Morning coffee crumpled duvet View in front just like a movie Rustic beams farmhouse walls Sunken valley swallows call  Clothes laid over whicker chair Mirror leaning vacant stare Nothingness here on holiday  Nothing much to do or say "Enjoy this empty" husband says Won't be long till airport day Relish simple relish France  Do a … Continue reading MY BAD