What if it's forever? What if my prediction is clever? What if healing is mainly never? Never f*****g ever Once upon a time Girl dreamed that she'd be fine Is our best healer really 'time'? Weary from this slow and painful climb Start another verse Body lays cold in hearse Blood once warm now cold … Continue reading POEM- CORKSCREW *tw



Finally, I can breathe. The house sighs with relief, just as I do. There is quiet. There is calm. There is me, just me, and the keys. There are notebooks and neat piles of paper in organised rows that prove my recent productiveness. Finally I can come up for air, and tell you what life … Continue reading HUMAN AFTERALL


Wow. What a day.......it started early. 7.30am. Get up. Breakfast. Radio. Washing up (left half done). School run...........BOOM> I smashed it. Friend.....she is there waiting for me parked up outside the house. She knew I needed help. (I put out a Facebook SOS last night). She was there, and fortunately for me, she stayed there. … Continue reading FRIENDS


I'm struck by a feeling that lately has been rare. Inspiration. I am usually a fairly inspirey person, but for medication-and seasonal related reasons, that well ran dry. I even recently considered stopping blogging ( A>G>A>I>N ). But tonight I felt warmed by the fire of inspiration. It came to me via the clouds and … Continue reading THE SKY SPOKE


I write this fresh after my psychiatric reassessment experience. Only minutes away I was sat with him [and her who was sitting in to interject, if I went (for want of a better term), "bonkers"]. That was the conclusion of the two-parter- the psychiatric evaluation with some fresh meat....Fresh mental health doctor meat, with fresh … Continue reading I BELIEVED HIM


Anniversary is a word that can have positive or negative connotations when we hear it, dependent on how anniversaries generally are experienced for you, with your personal/life history and how anniversaries have worked out.  Anniversaries (of the marital kind) can be joyful affairs  (if it's your first one and you're still enthusiastic about the state … Continue reading (HAPPY?) ANNIVERSARY