Bonjour madame/moissieur! I'm feeling happy today like a chirpy bird who's just found a giant stick made of diamante encrusted gold with an extra glittery frosting! I feel happy because I am taking control of many important aspects of my life. Decisions are being made and human choice is being exercised. I am not going … Continue reading BONJOUR TO CHOICE



Making sense of life; things, people, sensations, emotions, situations- you name it, it's not easy is it, for any of us. There is not always sense to be made, or sense is elusive as life is intrinsically complex; human beings even more so. If I could extract the contents of my mind right now in … Continue reading #LACK/ABUNDANCE- IN FIVE WORDS


Loneliness is the quietest explosion you'll ever [not] hear It explodes peacefully in never-ending waves; breaking against the shoreline of our hearts There is no sound of exploding on the outside The sound is all on the inside We are alone and at one with that sound The hurt sits concealed and contained under our sagging skin No one … Continue reading LONELINESS: THE QUIETEST EXPOSION


Tidying the house you came into my mind Pathways well trodden, easy to find Christmas is coming, celebrations near I'm a mum now myself but still knotted with pain & fear Mum, I felt it just now. I felt you there Thinking of me, but not with good cheer What do you feel on this … Continue reading TO MUM x