GUEST POST #hopeishopeless

I am beyond delighted to be featuring one of my favourite favourite writers Anna Macgowan, who blogs over on The Daily Annagram (She is such a favourite of mine that I had to write FAVOURITE twice!) Here is Anna's offering for Mental Health Awareness Week. She has already published this on her own blog (which I … Continue reading GUEST POST #hopeishopeless



Loneliness is the quietest explosion you'll ever [not] hear It explodes peacefully in never-ending waves; breaking against the shoreline of our hearts There is no sound of exploding on the outside The sound is all on the inside We are alone and at one with that sound The hurt sits concealed and contained under our sagging skin No one … Continue reading LONELINESS: THE QUIETEST EXPOSION


  If depression were a choice, I wouldn't be up at 5.21am posting due to depression-related insomnia. If depression were a choice, when I'd have first tasted depression at the age of sixteen I'd have realised "depression wasn't for me", and I would have refused to accept this unwanted, numbing and hellish intrusion into my life any more. If … Continue reading #IF DEPRESSION WERE A CHOICE