I have been doing a blog tidy up, and in my 'trash' folder was this; the speech I wrote last year for a local charity. I have removed the name of the charity, but the content is the same. I felt like it was a shame to write a speech and only share it with … Continue reading SURVIVOR SPEECH- published X


GUEST POST- Stranger Danger *tw

Another guest post very kindly contributed by a writer and mum. For the back story to this piece...please see her guest post titled One Child Too Many. To provide some context, this was written in the immediate aftermath of the UK premier league footballers who bravely came forward, losing their anonymity, to discuss how they had … Continue reading GUEST POST- Stranger Danger *tw

GUEST POST- Life & Death *tw

Another day and another guest blog; this time from someone who is a relative newcomer to the blogging world....I hope you love this piece. Trigger warning......The post includes some very straight talking descriptions of self-harm and suicidality, so please only read if you feel emotionally safe doing so at this point in time. I personally … Continue reading GUEST POST- Life & Death *tw


I am SO happy to be blogging today. Blogging- I have missed you! I am LOVING including guest posts on Summer Starts to Shine and am getting as much pleasure (if not more pleasure) from sharing the writing of other lovely people; but this morning I need to write just for me. Writing is how … Continue reading WHEN WE ARE THE CROP