As bloggers we never know who we might reach. A lot of our impact is unknown and invisible. For me, my blog purpose is quite clear...I blog with honesty about what I experience with my mental health in the hope that I am not the only one who experiences these experiences. I blog so people … Continue reading TO BE SEEN



At last. A happy blog topic!! party poppers This post is a lot more about footwear than mental health, although don't worry, this blog hasn't morphed into a vacuous fashionista blog- the mental health link is still very much there. For a welcome change, this post empathises some of the good stuff only good stuff that mental illness … Continue reading PEACEFUL SOLE


I write this post with my feet still hovering several inches off the ground. [That isn't because I'm sitting typing this post while perched on an unusually tall chair] ;) .......It's actually because I'm still really happy and buzzy and nicely floaty after a couple of stimulating full-on but FABULOUS days. I don't have the mental capacity to … Continue reading THE GOLDEN GLOW


I need to create some sacred space around me. I need to be encircled by something protective. I need to just sit a while and not move with no pressure from anyone or anything. I need to take lots of life aspects out of the dust covered chest, look at them and purposefully decide which aspects … Continue reading STRAWS OF HOPE


Hello! I finally get to do my write-up of yesterday. WOWZER. I'm absolutely thrilled at my virgin experience of being interviewed for the telly. It went like an absolute dream and I'm still feeling super shiny and luminescent this morning....basking in 'dreams coming true-ness'. I'm trying to blog authentically here without caring how I sound, despite the fact there's … Continue reading WARM GLOW GUSHING