Making sense of life; things, people, sensations, emotions, situations- you name it, it's not easy is it, for any of us. There is not always sense to be made, or sense is elusive as life is intrinsically complex; human beings even more so. If I could extract the contents of my mind right now in … Continue reading #LACK/ABUNDANCE- IN FIVE WORDS



This is a blog, in the style of how I know I need to speak to myself in order to feel better. Inner talk can be useful and stimulate positive progress, or it can be the spade that we use to dig ourselves deeper into our melancholic moods. This is what my positive self talk … Continue reading STRENGTHENING


The grounding process begins. I'm digging deep and securing my emotional roots again. Today has been blissfully easy and private. I have happily hidden, barring a few conversations with selected people of lushness. I needed that after two very special but also stimulating days with my bestie mate. Escapism and grounding seem, on first appearance, to be goals that oppose … Continue reading BPD: ESCAPE TO THE RAINBOW


This post is titled comedia, because of how comical and cute I find the media (from what I've glimpsed so far from my two radio interviews). In the olden days, if you were going to be interviewed for a radio piece, you'd physically travel to said studio, meet radio broadcaster humanoids, then they would ask … Continue reading COMEDIA


This is a blog about post-traumatic SHINE. Post-traumatic shine is my word for post-traumatic growth....Post-traumatic growth is actually "a thing".... It is a proven thing that psychologists have written about in psychological texts for a considerable length of time. One day, when I'm less busy, I'll research it myself and write a decent post on … Continue reading EAGLE OR PIGEON?


A friend sent me the link to this clip from Chariots of Fire this morning, and tells me the slow-mo running sequence of the men sprinting through the waves was filmed at Bamburgh :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSav51fVlKU I can't put a number on how many times I've walked along the shoreline at Bamburgh over recent years, never once realising the … Continue reading NOT EVEN A SAND CASTLE


Here is my sharpie doodle for mothers day...but this is for the people who don't have a mum in their life this mothers day-peeps just like me xxx Mother's day is not usually a fun day when you have complex-PTSD caused by extended and varied trauma-usually of the incest variety...but this is the happiest and … Continue reading MUM-less


Omfg. I'm sorry about the drawing you will shortly be seeing...this is what happened when I attempted a realistic self portrait 😶 LOL 😂 I've had a lazy Sunday....this is the view from my sunny bedroom this morning... This is the beach view... And this is the wallpaper my daughter is getting put up in … Continue reading PORTRAIT MASTERCLASS


Well maybe 'hall of fame' is a little bit of an over-sell, but this is a guest post I wrote a few weeks ago that appeared on a professional physiotherapy website. This is my R.E.D January Guest Post for my lush physio friend 'Mike Stamp' who wants to include regular guest posts on his website … Continue reading HALL OF FAME #1


Yesterday I had an idea-today it is closer to being a reality! I'm currently getting feedback from my advisors (aka my friends) on business names for my new personal coaching summerSHINES sideline. Woop! As if it isn't enough to blog, be a media volunteer for national Mind, work on local fundraising projects, write books, and attempt to create … Continue reading SHINE COACHING