Just some stream of consciousness doodles after an absolutely S**T day.... summerSHINES



This is a post about my diagnosed personality disorder and me. Often people are criticised for their own self-diagnosis of supposed mental health conditions. Society argues that people will sometimes say they have self-diagnosed depression (to excuse them from being a miserable cow), or anxiety (when they want to avoid doing something), like when people … Continue reading PD? NO, JUST ME


Trigger warning ** some content may upset, especially if you are an animal lover. Tonight I'm frayed. I'm not af-raid....or maybe I am, in a quiet way, underneath. In fact, I know I am afraid. Because life is scary, right? Life can change quickly. Highs can quickly become lows [in my world anyway], and we … Continue reading FRAYED


I always write stream of consciousness style, I write as I think; but tonight's post will be even more streamy and consciousy as I don't have the intellectual capacity to mentally plan anything. As for what is the point of this post, who knows?!...I don't, but there doesn't always have to be a point I … Continue reading SPLURGING