Eye lids heavy, downward gaze, Blue is the colour of this depressive haze. Heavy & leaden, bitter & sour, Consumed with a longing for my final hour. Tears salty; in slow rolls they drip their way down my face, There's a life UP FOR RENT in this empty head space. Poetry is beauty, but believe … Continue reading HIDDEN BLUE



Today is NOT a good day to have the rug pulled from under you. By that I mean, today is not a good day to have your mental health appointment cancelled at the last minute. This is the MH appointment that I have pinned all my hopes on ALL weekend; all the time I've been … Continue reading UNDERWATER DROWNING


I always write stream of consciousness style, I write as I think; but tonight's post will be even more streamy and consciousy as I don't have the intellectual capacity to mentally plan anything. As for what is the point of this post, who knows?!...I don't, but there doesn't always have to be a point I … Continue reading SPLURGING


Oh my f*****g god. I literally can't believe the mood swings I've had, and all within the last few hours.....I have only recently stopped crying and that's only because I had to get my act together enough to collect my latest prescription. I'm an emotional WRECK today, and it isn't only due to the monster … Continue reading WHY I’M GLAD I RODE OUT [ANOTHER] CRISIS


Watch this video please....guys, girls, and especially parents of boys....(or if you are anyone who knows a guy, which is basically EVERYONE)......It's powerful. https://www.facebook.com/LADbible/videos/2959948387385665/ I am passionately supportive of this video that someone at LADbible thoughtfully created. When I watched it I thought YES YES YES. It was very Harry met Sally, but in an … Continue reading “MAN UP??” NO, SHUT UP!


Tears of sadness (partly) release the deep cramping ache, Avoiding social media-it's far too "happy?"/fake. Fake fucking happy there but this pain here is real, I know we all have our problems, but this is kinda a big deal. Poetry hits hearts in a way prose does not, I'm feeling you endlessly on repeat- you … Continue reading ALL OF WE


I'm struck by a feeling that lately has been rare. Inspiration. I am usually a fairly inspirey person, but for medication-and seasonal related reasons, that well ran dry. I even recently considered stopping blogging ( A>G>A>I>N ). But tonight I felt warmed by the fire of inspiration. It came to me via the clouds and … Continue reading THE SKY SPOKE