GUEST POST- One child too many

Trigger warning** This wonderful post is a frankly written and very emotionally powerful first person testimony written by a very brave lady, detailing her reactions following her daughter's disclosure of sexual abuse at the hands of her husband. This is a topic very close to my heart and I thank and applaud the writer here … Continue reading GUEST POST- One child too many



This is a post about the correlation of mood and bra wearage [based on extensive contemplation lasting literally MINUTES). My bra is my barometer. It is my mood BRA-ometer, if you like ;) I can tell a lot about my mental state by my underwear choice. I will keep the pants out of this post … Continue reading BRA/MOOD CORRELATIONS


Tidying the house you came into my mind Pathways well trodden, easy to find Christmas is coming, celebrations near I'm a mum now myself but still knotted with pain & fear Mum, I felt it just now. I felt you there Thinking of me, but not with good cheer What do you feel on this … Continue reading TO MUM x