What if it's forever? What if my prediction is clever? What if healing is mainly never? Never f*****g ever Once upon a time Girl dreamed that she'd be fine Is our best healer really 'time'? Weary from this slow and painful climb Start another verse Body lays cold in hearse Blood once warm now cold … Continue reading POEM- CORKSCREW *tw



TW** upsetting themes about loss, death, cancer, suicide, and abuse and estrangement from parents.   I read a blog just earlier by a lovely blogger friend who is really close to my heart. We are completely different characters, but united. For whatever reason, we click. There was a line in her blog which leapt off … Continue reading ALL ABOUT MUM *tw


Daughter 1 bounces on the trampoline outside. Daughter 2 has her head buried in her latest fairy book upstairs. A man prepares a family meal in the kitchen, and a woman sits alone at her laptop, door closed, wondering what will possibly happen when she taps into her mind and starts to write. That woman is me. … Continue reading THAT WOMAN IS ME


I arrive home from therapy, still, shaken and chilled. You can be both still and shaken believe me. The shaking happens first. I go still to cope with the shaking. Trauma has me. Trauma is me- or was me. I watch the trees and shrubs in the neighbours gardens bend and sway, obeying the force of the … Continue reading GIMME A HAND


I would like to propose an important revision to the DSM and ICD diagnostic bible. I can do these controversial types of things because I'm a mental health blogger, which surely must give me some cyber muscle power (even if imagined), and challenging things is also my idea of fun. As my writer inspirer friend The Daily … Continue reading Present.TSD