I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be tapping on the keys once more. Without writing, I cease to be a writer; and when I am not a writer, I cease to be fully alive. Writing is my passion. This is where I tap into my flow. This is where my psyche unknots … Continue reading BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS



Wow. What a started early. 7.30am. Get up. Breakfast. Radio. Washing up (left half done). School run...........BOOM> I smashed it. Friend.....she is there waiting for me parked up outside the house. She knew I needed help. (I put out a Facebook SOS last night). She was there, and fortunately for me, she stayed there. … Continue reading FRIENDS


Watch this video please....guys, girls, and especially parents of boys....(or if you are anyone who knows a guy, which is basically EVERYONE)......It's powerful. I am passionately supportive of this video that someone at LADbible thoughtfully created. When I watched it I thought YES YES YES. It was very Harry met Sally, but in an … Continue reading “MAN UP??” NO, SHUT UP!