#MeToo *trigger warning*

When you see the words #MeToo on a page……what is your immediate gut reaction? I guess it depends on whether you or a close friend of family member have ever been victimised in this way yourself. This is a gentle warning for those readers with a traumatic history. Please take care and check if you … Continue reading #MeToo *trigger warning*



I have been doing a blog tidy up, and in my 'trash' folder was this; the speech I wrote last year for a local charity. I have removed the name of the charity, but the content is the same. I felt like it was a shame to write a speech and only share it with … Continue reading SURVIVOR SPEECH- published X


  If depression were a choice, I wouldn't be up at 5.21am posting due to depression-related insomnia. If depression were a choice, when I'd have first tasted depression at the age of sixteen I'd have realised "depression wasn't for me", and I would have refused to accept this unwanted, numbing and hellish intrusion into my life any more. If … Continue reading #IF DEPRESSION WERE A CHOICE