What if it's forever? What if my prediction is clever? What if healing is mainly never? Never f*****g ever Once upon a time Girl dreamed that she'd be fine Is our best healer really 'time'? Weary from this slow and painful climb Start another verse Body lays cold in hearse Blood once warm now cold … Continue reading POEM- CORKSCREW *tw



I suppose I should blog then. I guess I've been avoiding it. I've been very active on social media lately and very occupied with all that jazz, so every day, my blog writing has come last on my list, tucked away as less important- for later, for when I'm fresh, but the trouble is. I … Continue reading SUMMER’S HOUSE


Trigger warning ** some content may upset, especially if you are an animal lover. Tonight I'm frayed. I'm not af-raid....or maybe I am, in a quiet way, underneath. In fact, I know I am afraid. Because life is scary, right? Life can change quickly. Highs can quickly become lows [in my world anyway], and we … Continue reading FRAYED


Tears of sadness (partly) release the deep cramping ache, Avoiding social media-it's far too "happy?"/fake. Fake fucking happy there but this pain here is real, I know we all have our problems, but this is kinda a big deal. Poetry hits hearts in a way prose does not, I'm feeling you endlessly on repeat- you … Continue reading ALL OF WE


I write this fresh after my psychiatric reassessment experience. Only minutes away I was sat with him [and her who was sitting in to interject, if I went (for want of a better term), "bonkers"]. That was the conclusion of the two-parter- the psychiatric evaluation with some fresh meat....Fresh mental health doctor meat, with fresh … Continue reading I BELIEVED HIM