It's all you; you're why I bleed Don't let me forget ya'- you sewed your mind poisoned seed Before I know it, you've bloomed and voraciously spread all over Wishing for luck on my last limp four-leaf UNlucky clover Words wound, pain sells Once upon a time a girl was born in the shadow of … Continue reading A POEM ABOUT SEXUAL ABUSE- ‘SUNSHINE’



This is a blog, in the style of how I know I need to speak to myself in order to feel better. Inner talk can be useful and stimulate positive progress, or it can be the spade that we use to dig ourselves deeper into our melancholic moods. This is what my positive self talk … Continue reading STRENGTHENING


Trigger warning ** some content may upset, especially if you are an animal lover. Tonight I'm frayed. I'm not af-raid....or maybe I am, in a quiet way, underneath. In fact, I know I am afraid. Because life is scary, right? Life can change quickly. Highs can quickly become lows [in my world anyway], and we … Continue reading FRAYED