GUEST POST- 4.30am thoughts

This is the first of my shiny guest posts here on Summer Starts to Shine. This is the first poem ever written and published by a very special blogger friend of friend Claire blogs over on her Red Balloons blog site (which you can find HERE.) It's short.....only a few lines....but there is so … Continue reading GUEST POST- 4.30am thoughts


WARRIORS – A poem x

Warriors don't always wear robes, and we're not always men; Our drum beat is different; and there's so rousing uniting anthem of mental health zen. This illness hurts BAD and was never our choice; Which is why it’s so important to exploit the gift (otherwise known as our voice). Choice-less trauma dictated I was led … Continue reading WARRIORS – A poem x


Inspiration always seems to come from unexpected places, doesn't it. The inspiration for what I am doing right NOW came about to me about five distant years ago. Though I didn't know or predict how the future would precisely pan out, I came upon something that left an immediate and deep personal imprint on me. … Continue reading OK TO SHINE


Loneliness is the quietest explosion you'll ever [not] hear It explodes peacefully in never-ending waves; breaking against the shoreline of our hearts There is no sound of exploding on the outside The sound is all on the inside We are alone and at one with that sound The hurt sits concealed and contained under our sagging skin No one … Continue reading LONELINESS: THE QUIETEST EXPOSION

UNICORN sparkle *

I'm high. I'm low. I'm fast. I'm slow. I soar, then I'm grounded and stuck fast. Free as a bird, until the cage door clinks shut. Sociable butterfly meets reclusive hermit. Introvert who can extrovert like the best of them on red letter occasions. Sure, I'll help support you..... wait, this is TOO much. Hope evaporates. Storm clouds … Continue reading UNICORN sparkle *


Blogging so personally about mental health and your deep feelings about things and the precise thoughts you have on a daily basis, is the equivalent of giving yourself up to a human x-ray machine. If you decide to blog about mental health, prepare yourself for daily full body scans of your emotionally naked stripped back self. The usual … Continue reading A CURIOUS X-RAY


What is the arena exactly? The arena has two alternate meanings.. One-the arena is a public place. Two- the arena is the place where people with mental health difficulties gather.  Usually one meaning applies or the other...but in my case, currently both apply. I live with mental health difficulties (as do many) AND I am increasingly … Continue reading IN THE ARENA


Tidying the house you came into my mind Pathways well trodden, easy to find Christmas is coming, celebrations near I'm a mum now myself but still knotted with pain & fear Mum, I felt it just now. I felt you there Thinking of me, but not with good cheer What do you feel on this … Continue reading TO MUM x


  If depression were a choice, I wouldn't be up at 5.21am posting due to depression-related insomnia. If depression were a choice, when I'd have first tasted depression at the age of sixteen I'd have realised "depression wasn't for me", and I would have refused to accept this unwanted, numbing and hellish intrusion into my life any more. If … Continue reading #IF DEPRESSION WERE A CHOICE